If you were unable to check your bags through, there are several options, aside from lugging them around with you: Bag Delivery (to your hotel), Bag Storage and coin lockers.

Bag Delivery - There are two bag storage/delivery places in the arrival lobby, at opposite far ends of the lobby. They are operated by several companies: ABC Company Ltd., Kamataki Unyu Co. Ltd., Airport Ground Service (AGS), Sky Porter, and Green Port Agency (GPA). This is not that relevant, as they basically perform the same task and they are identified in the lobby just with generic signs. Ask the TIC counter for location if having difficulty finding them. Charge is Yen 2,000 per bag (30 Kilo).

Bag Storage - Bag storage at the Terminal is possible and provided by companies operating desks/counters at the far ends of the lobby. They are the same people who do the delivery. They are well marked with signs having universal symbols and/or generic English wording. Charge is 500 Yen per piece (large suitcases are 1000 Yen) per day. (Per day means if you leave it and pick it up on the same day.) Pay when you retrieve your bags.

Coin Lockers - Coin lockers are again available throughout the airport. Locations can be found here.