I first published The Narita Layover Page in January of 1996. Here's a link to the original announcement in the rec.travel.asia Usenet newsgroup: Narita Layover Page - rec.travel.asia

Although I frequently updated the content, I didn't bother to update the format of the page until June of 2009. (The old page is here: Narita Layover Page - Retro)

The Narita Layover Page was featured in The New York Times "Practical Traveler" and is often mentioned on travel web sites and forums.

Contributors include:

  • Dick Karp
  • Jolanda Witvliet
  • David Gulick
  • Mike Wagner
  • Ganesh Prasanna
  • Olivia Bennet
  • David Loutzenheiser
  • Peter Morgan
  • George Bailey
  • Rendell Davis
  • John Rushby
  • John Horner
  • Widya Santoso
  • Barney Harford
  • Eric van Bemmel
  • Aaron Gleason
  • Daniel Gradwohl
  • Fred & Carol Ehrman
  • Patrick Chu
  • Dena Roberts
  • Brian Doty
  • Rob Hawkins
  • Diane Olsen
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