Around The World - 1977

by Mike Newman with help from Bill Garsden

Route Map - Macau

I took a ferry to Macau where I just spent a few days.

I think this is the view from my hotel of the bridge to Taipa Island

The Bella Vista hotel was once one of the grand hotels of Asia. By 1977 it had been allowed to deteriorate and served mainly as a hostel for budget travelers like myself. Still, the rooms were OK, the place had a wonderful view which I'm enjoying here with my bottle of Portuguese Rose, hunk of cheese and crusty bread.

The hotel is now the residence of The Portuguese Consulate General.

Preserved eggs

Another view from the Bella Vista hotel

Macao coastline and casino in the distance.


Fish drying in the sun

The Chairman

Macau Harbor

Macau street vendors

At that time Macau was still a Portuguese colony. You could get up to the northe end of Macau and peer into Mainland China

Here's a different view of Mainland China with me not blocking the view.

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