Around The World - 1977

by Mike Newman with help from Bill Garsden

Route Map - England

I began my trip with a train ride from Los Angeles to New York via Chicago. I spent a night in a hostel in New York and then flew via Icelandic Air to Luxembourg. I spent a night there and then crossed the channel to Dover on a ferry. I had a Brit Rail Pass and used that to travel from Dover to London.

I spent a few days in London at the Telstar Hotel; a bed and breakfast place favored by long-term guests. While in London I arranged for the overland journey from London to Kathmandu with Exodus Expeditions. The trip didn't leave for another month, so I had some time to kill.

From London I went by train to Exeter. I have no idea why I was at the helm of this ferry on the River Exe.

Historic Stepcote Hill in Exeter.

Exeter Cathedral

From Exeter I moved on to the village of Chagford near Dartmoor in the southwest of England. I spent some time at a bed and breakfast place run by a retired vicar and his wife and son.

This is the house at Brock Park with Sandy, the football playing dog.

The vicar's wife in the kitchen. The stove is an ancient Aga that burned coal all day. It supplied the house with a place to cook, heat and hot water.

The vicar and his wife on the left. Guests from eastern Europe on the right.

Although it was not my intention, I ended up staying here several weeks. I did some glass cutting for them which impressed them, so they agreed to keep me on with my room and board in exchange for work. This is where I slept.

The work mostly involved tranplanting lettuce.

I got a chance to hike with a group on Dartmoor. Although it was April, it was still really cold.

A Druid stone ring on Dartmoor.

A lone sheep stuck in a mire. We pulled it out.

Crossing a stream on Dartmoor.

The town of Chagford. The Ring O'Bells (on the left), a 16th century pub, was a favorite watering hole during my time in Chagford.

St Michael's Church. The current structure probably dates from the 16th century.

Cemetary at St Michael's Church

Chagford countryside.

One of many beautiful old manor homes.

David, the vicar's son, holds a ceremony to bury my old boots after I'd purchased some new ones.

Beautiful countryside for just plain wandering.

I took a side trip to see Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace. I think this is where I stayed in Windsor.

Canal in Windsor


Hampton Court Garden

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