Around the World 1977 - Burma

Burma Airways Barf Bag

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I flew from Pagan back to Rangoon. Getting the ticket was quite a hassle. Burmese currency not accepted, so I had to change one of my precious $20 travelers checks. We checked in at a city terminal and got on a bus for the airport. The entire city terminal staff was also on the bus and became the airport crew when we got there.

I flew Thai from Rangoon to Bangkok. The thing I remember most about that flight was that after the meal one of the flight attendants came around with a silver tray. On the tray were cigarettes in a box, gold-tipped wooden matches and a small bowl of water with an orchid floating in it. You took a cigarette, lit it with the fancy wooden match which you put out in the little bowl of orchid water.

What luxury.

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